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Punishing Emma

Emma goes to visit disciplinarian Jesse, he recognizes her from the local BDSM play dungeon and confronts her; she says it was her first time going there and admits she wanted to see what kind of things went on. When he tells her that her dress is inappropriate she laughs and smirks which only encourages him to pull her across his knee and get to work spanking her. Jesse spanks her hard and reminds her she's there for discipline and not fun. He even spanks her pussy and punishes her nipples until she's whimpering. Emma is sent to the corner and made to strip. She is put on the bench for more spanking and Jesse fills her bottom with a silver butt plug. He tells her that she will be allowed to pleasure herself with a vibrating wand while still being spanked hard. Finally while Jesse sensually spanks, caresses and pumps the plug in and out of her bottom Emma begs permission to cum hard.<br>